Latin Name:

Smyrnium olusatrum

Manx Name:

lus yn ollee


April - June

Locations where this species is found:
Port St Mary, Scarlett Point, Glen Maye, South Barrule, Silverburn River, Glen Mooar, Glen Helen, Silverdale Glen, Bradda Head, Port Grenaugh, Niarbyl, Fleshwick

This plant is native to the Mediterranean, but has been introduced all over Europe. It is edible and was once used in many recipes, and was especially common in monastery gardens.

Alexanders can be found all over the island. Their Manx name is "lus yn ollee", which means "plant of cattle", perhaps chosen because cows and horses enjoy eating this plant.

Although Alexanders are edible, there are deadly poisonous plants that have a similar appearance, so I would not recommend eating them even if you are confident of your identification.
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