European Gorse

Latin Name:

Ulex europaeus

Manx Name:



Year round

Locations where this species is found:
Langness, South Barrule, Silverburn River, Maughold, Glen Auldyn, Montpelier, Groudle Glen, Clypse and Kerrowdhoo, Chibbanagh, Bradda Head, Niarbyl, Fleshwick, Ballannette, Conrhenny Plantation

European Gorse is larger than the island's native Western Gorse (Ulex gallii) and flowers much earlier in the year.

One of the island's most common wild flowers, it is surprisingly not native to the island. European Gorse was brought to the island to create hedges and to use as winter feed for livestock.

Gorse bushes were traditionally burned during Beltane to scare away witches, and animals were driven through the smoke to purify them.

The Manx name for gorse is "aadjin".
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