Latin Name:

Allium ursinum

Manx Name:



April - May

Locations where this species is found:
Port St Mary, Port Soderick, Glen Maye, Ballaugh Curraghs, Silverburn River, Ballaglass Glen, Glen Auldyn, Glen Mooar, Glen Rushen, Groudle Glen, Clypse and Kerrowdhoo, Silverdale Glen, Bradda Head, Port Grenaugh, Fleshwick, Ballannette

Found in shady places all over the island, this plant is responsible for the leafy garlic smell that permeates most of the island's glens in summer time.

Also known as wild garlic, this plant is edible, including the leaves, flowers and seeds.

The Manx name for wild garlic is "Craue".
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