Poison Hemlock

Latin Name:

Conium maculatum

Manx Name:

Aghaue vooar


June - July

Locations where this species is found:

This poisonous plant was used as a means of execution in ancient Greece, and is famous as the poison that killed the philosopher Socrates.

This plant can easily be mistaken for edible plants that have a very similar appearance. Foragers should take extreme caution with all similar-looking plants. The Poison Hemlock can be most easily distinguished from other similar plants by the purple spots on its smooth stems.

Poison Hemlock is rare on the island, but care should still be taken as this plant can be deadly.

This plant has several other common names, including "Devil's Bread", "Devil's Porridge" and "Poison Parsley". Its Manx name is "Aghaue vooar".
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