Latin Name:

Tussilago farfara

Manx Name:

cabbag ny hawin


February - April

Locations where this species is found:
Clypse and Kerrowdhoo Glen Maye Niarbyl Silverburn River Archallagan Ballannette Glen Mooar Conrhenny Plantation

Usually found close to water, this plant's flowers appear before any leaves. The large broad leaves are easily spotted, but are rarely seen alongside the flowers.

The plant is named "Coltsfoot" because its leaves are said to resemble the footprint of a colt (a young male horse).

Coltsfoot is relatively uncommon on the island, but isolated patches can be found in many different places, both on the coast and inland.

Coltsfoot has been used in traditional medicine, brewing and confectionery, but tests have proven that it is toxic and the sale of Coltsfoot has been banned in Germany as a result.

The Manx name for Coltsfoot is "cabbag ny hawin", which means "cabbage of the river".
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