Latin Name:

Crataegus monogyna

Manx Name:

Drine Bane


May - June

Locations where this species is found:
Silverdale Glen

Hawthorn bushes and trees are easily spotted in May, when they are covered in white flowers. They are very common on the island and can be found everywhere.

Lone Hawthorn trees were said to be entrances to the realm of the fairies and it was considered very unlucky to cut them down. Local farmers were known to hire outsiders to remove them, hoping to avoid the bad luck themselves. It was also considered very unlucky to bring Hawthorn flowers into the house.

Hawthorn flowers have a strong scent that many find unpleasant, leading to names such as "Corpse Flower". The young leaves and berries are both edible, but folklore also considers eating them to be unlucky.

The Manx name for this flower is "Drine Bane", which means "white thorn".
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