Lesser Celandine

Latin Name:

Ficaria verna

Manx Name:



January - May

Locations where this species is found:
Silverdale Glen Bradda Head Colby Glen Calf Sound Port Soderick Silverburn River Niarbyl Glen Maye South Barrule Scarlett Point Fleshwick Ballannette Glen Mooar Ballaugh Curraghs Glen Auldyn Groudle Glen Clypse and Kerrowdhoo Port St Mary Glen Rushen Ballaglass Glen Calf of Man

This flower is very common in wooded areas and can be found all over the island.
Celandine is sometimes known as "Pilewort", and the Manx name for this flower is "Lus-ny-pileyn", which means "Plant of piles".
This is likely because Celandine was once used to make an ointment to treat piles.
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